Quality Control

About NFQS

Beloved seafood, reliable quality control from sea to table.


Legal Basis

  • Article 14 of Agricultural and Fishery Products Quality Control Act (Quality Certification of Fishery Product, etc)
  • Article 22 of Food Industry Promotion Act (Quality Certification of Traditional Food)

Types of Quality Certified Products

  • Fish and fishery products, local specialty of fishery products, traditional fishery products

Objects and Certification Mark for Quality Certification

Objects and Certification Mark for Quality Certification
Type Item Certification mark
Quality certification of fish and fishery products dried
Dried Squid, semi-dried squid, dried tilefish, dried anchovy, dried cuttlefish, dried blue shrimp, dried pollak, pollak jerky, pollak shredded pollak, dried yellow corvina, dried mussel, dried oyster, semi-dried cololabis seira, white bait jerky, semi-dried cuttlefish Qualityseafood mark
seasoned kelp, seasoned sea mustard, seasoned mackerel
seaweeds dried laver, dried stone laver, dried stripped sea mustard, dried cut sea mustard, dried shredded sea mustard, dried kelp, dried cut kelp, steamed fusiforms, dried seaweed (salted)
fishery products
for sashimi
  • fresh/chilled items: halibut, jacopever, red sea-bream, yellow tail, Japanese Spanish mackerel, bass, squid, conger eel, sea squirt, live oyster, skate, pomfret, gizzard
  • frozen item: cockle, blood arkshell, shrimp, sakhalin surf clam, cuttlefish, tuna, halfbeak, skate, pomfret, pen shell (adductors of shell fish)
mackerel, hairtail, Japanese Spanish mackerel, eel, conger eel, cod, blue crab, halibut, yellow corvina, red sea-bream, blackthroat seaperch, horse mackerel, squid, octopus, mackerel pike, herring, shrimp, tilefish, oyster, pomfret, croaker, skate, pen shell (adductors of shell fish), abalone, webfoot octopus, pollock, red snow crab meat (boiling, leg meat), red snow crab meat (boiling, body meat)
Quality certification
of regional
fishery products
seasoned dried file fish, seasoned round clam, seasoned squid, seasoned shredded squid, seasoned expanded squid, seasoned shredded dried file fish, seasoned expanded dried file fish, trout (smoked) Qualityseafood mark
kelp pellet, kelp pulp
Quality certification of traditional fishery products salted fish
  • pickled fish (24): squid, pollock roe, fish intestines, clam, baby octopus, sand eel, seasoned oyster, conch, tiny shrimp, anchovy, cod gill, pollock gill, freshwater shrimp, jarijeot, shrimp, blue abalone, large-eyed herring, jahajeot, scallop, herring roe, sea squirt, hairtail intestine, dried cuttlefish, blowfish
  • liquified pickled fish : anchovy, sand eel, green plum anchovy, shrimp
  • fermented fish : halibut, pollock
Qualityseafood mark
porridge products dried pollock, cod, abalone, mussel, clam, oyster
blue crab, freshwater blue crab, king crab
dried yellow corvina, dried stripped sea mustard
others seasoned seaweed, corbicula soup, dried yellow corvina seasoned with red pepper paste, seasoned eel, vegetable and seaweed chips, fish soy sauce

Selection of Items

Fish and fishery products, local specialty of fishery products, traditional fishery products

  1. 1

    Selection of suitable items

    • Traditional items with popularity
    • Competitive items in the market
    • Valuable items to be preserved
  2. 2


    • A deliberation council for quality certification
  3. 3


    • Selected items
    • Applied criterion of quality for each item

Civil Affair Procedure

Applicant→Application→Acceptance(Resional oaffices of the NFQS)→Applicant→On-site investigation and examination→Fish and fishery products, local specialty of fishery products→Evaluation of certification(→Fill out quality cerification),Traditional food(Report the result→Fill out quality certificate→Minister of Oceans and Fisheries)→Issuance of certificate