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Legal basis

  • Article 28 of Aquatic Organism Disease Control Act
  • Notification of the detailed procedure for dispatch quarantine of aquatic organisms in export country

Objects for Dispatched Quarantine

  • When a person intending to import an aquatic organism under Article 23.1 asks for quarantine in the exporting country before importing the aquatic organism
  • When the government of the country exporting an aquatic organism under Article 23.1 asks for quarantine in the exporting country before exporting the aquatic organism

Applicant for Dispatched Quarantine

  • Those who want to import aquatic organism or Export countries

Travel Expenses for Dispatched Quarantine Officers

  • Director General of the NFQS should earmark the expenses for dispatched quarantine in accordance with the travel expenses regulation and notify the applicant before the quarantine
  • If the expenses are not paid, the quarantine will be canceled, which should be notified to the applicant

Method of Dispatched Quarantine

  • Application acceptance, document check and clinical & laboratory tests are performed in the quarantine field of export country
    • If an applicant wants a laboratory test (lab test) in the NFQS, samples for the test will be delivered to a designated regional office of the NFQS while document check and clinical test will be completed in the field
    • The Head of the regional office will perform the lab test and send the result to the dispatched quarantine officer

Issuance of certificate and control of objects for quarantine

  • A dispatched quarantine officer should issue certificate if objects are free from listed diseases and keep objects until release approval
    • Applicant should complete shipment of objects within 15 days from the date of certificate issuance

Civil Affairs Procedure

Application dispatched quarantine

Applicant for dispatch quarantine → Fill out an application form → Acceptance(Regional office of the NFQS) → Check the application form allong with relevant documents and the feasibility of the quarantine(↔ Complement the application ↔ Aplicant for dispatch quarantine) → Disapproval(→ Notification → Applicant for dispatch quarantine), Approval(→ Report → The NFQS → Plan and notify expenses for dispach quarantine (↔ Applicant for dispatch quarantine) → Dispatch a quarantine offcer → Conduct dispatch quarantine → Issuance of health certificate → Applicant for dispatch quaran)

Application of quarantined object release

Applicant for dispatch quarantine → Fiil out a release apllication for the quarantine object → Dispatched quarantine officer → Approval → Applicant for dispatch quarantine