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  • The term "LMO(Living Modified Organism)" means any living organism, which possesses a novel combination of genetic material obtained through the application of the following modern biotechnology:
    • Techniques which artificially recombine genes or directly inject nucleic acids comprising a gene into cells organelles :
    • Techniques which are the fusion of cells beyond the taxonomic family, and overcome natural physiological reproductive or recombination barriers and are not used in the traditional breeding and selection.

      LMO (Living Modified Organism), GMO (Genetically Modified Organism; generally referring to edible materials)

Situation of LMO Fishery Products

  • Worse global conditions and change in the marine environment caused limits in fishing and aquaculture industry. Under the circumstances, increasing demands for new fish and fishery products have led the gradual development of LMO fishery products
  • Various pieces of research on LM fishery products including in rapid growth, tolerance to diseases have caused several attempts of genetic modification for over 35 species including rainbow trout, salmon, tilapia and fluorescent fish
  • AquaBounty Technologies, an American-Canadian joint venture, is waiting for the USFDA to commercially approve of its invented rapid-growing Atlantic salmon. Also, the US and Taiwan invented fluorescent fish sold now in Asia
  • Korea successfully developed rapid-growing Chinese muddy loach, but it is not commercialized.

Legal Basis

  • Transboundary Movement, etc. of Living Modified Organisms Act

Approval Process of Import and Production

  1. 1


    Provide references to evaluate risk

  2. 2

    National Fisheries Research & Development Institute (NFRDI)

    Decide to approve import and production by evaluating the hazardous level to human and environment

Process of Customs Clearance

  1. 1


    Report importation with the approval certificate

  2. 2

    The NFQS

    Issue certificate after document check and field inspection

  3. 3


    Customs clearance

Directions in LMO Control Process

  • A dedicated person should be appointed for management register
  • LMO fishery products should be dealt with separately from non-LM fishery products in production and distribution
  • Requirements given from approval should be met


Type Content
Object Approved LM products
Obligator for labelling Developer, producer, and importer (Article 24 of the Act)
Requirements Name, type, purpose and features
Directions for handling
Details including name, address of developer, producer, exporter, importer, etc
Example Name Salmon
Type Fish
Purpose Vessel
Feature Rapid-grow
Directions for handling Keep it apart from other fish
Developer ○○○○
Contact number ○○-○○○○-○○○○
Developer address ○○○○
Importer ○○○
Contact number ○○-○○○-○○○○
Importer address ○○○○○
Penalty One involved with false or no labelling will be given a sentence of up to a year or a ₩ 20 million fine