Quality Control

About NFQS

Beloved seafood, reliable quality control from sea to table.



  • To inspect possible residues at the level of residual quantity permitted in fish and fishery products including heavy metals, antibiotics, food poisoning bacteria, and radioactive materials in accordance with relevant laws (i.e. permissible level, Food Sanitation Act), to improve the quality and the safety of fish and fishery products in production and supply chain
  • Safety inspection from production or shipment on fish and fishery products can make a safe production chain without poor quality products leading to the improvement of national health system. The high quality of fish and fishery products should be maintained so that value of the products increases and consumers are reassured

Legal Basis

  • Article 61 of Agricultural and Fishery Products Quality Control Act
  • Safety Inspection on Fish and Fishery Products Guideline - Notification of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (the MFDS) 2013-192

Objects for Inspection

  • Fish and fishery products from littoral and pelagic seas which are pre-processed, pre-stored and pre-traded
  • Water, fishing areas, and fishing equipment used to produce fish and fishery products

Inspection Items

  • Heavy metals, antibiotics, food poisoning virus (Vibrio parahaemolycius), shellfish toxin, globefish toxin, malachite green, etc

Investigation Authority

  • Inspection on fish and fishery products pre-processed, pre-stored and pre-traded falls under the NFQS and its regional offices
  • Inspection on shellfish toxin falls under National Fisheries Research & Development Institute (NFRDI)

Actions to Take Against Nonconforming Products

  • Notify persons responsible for production, storage, distribution in writing of the details when the level of residual quantity permitted is over
  • Order quality improvement and use prohibition of water, fishing areas, and fishing equipment; postponement of shipment; use conversion and disuse of the products; and appropriate treatment, when the objects are in production
  • The persons in charge should take a necessary measure to deal with the matter

Actions to Take Against Nonconforming Products

The MOF(Plan an investigation)→The NFQS(Schedule the investigation at its own level)→Regional ofices(Sampling → Laboratory → Notification of the result)→Pass(→Producer(Shipment)),Fail→The MFDS governor,Producer(postponement of shipment, use conversion and disuse of the products)