Quality Control

About NFQS

Beloved seafood, reliable quality control from sea to table.



  • Certify the quality, standards, ingredients, residues, etc. of fish & fishery products and damages by harmful insects of transplant fishery

Legal Basis

  • Article 98 of Agricultural and Fishery Products Quality Control Act and Article 139 of Regulation of the same Act
  • Article 50 of Aquatic Life Disease Control Act and Article 44 of Regulation of the same Act

Items for Certification

Items for Certification
Type Item Unit
General component moisture, ash 1item
fat, crude fibre 1item
protein, salt, acid, starch 1item
earthy materials, volatile basic nitrogen 1item
extracts extractives, insoluble residues in boiling water 1item
jelly strength (agar), pH level 1item
sugar content, histamine, trimethylamine 1item
amino nitrogen, total nitrogen 1item
vitamin A 1item
sulphur dioxide (SO2) 1item
boracic acid 1item
carbon monoxide 1item
Food additive artificial sweeteners 1point
Heavy metal mercury 1point
cadmium, copper, lead 1point
zinc 1point
Radiation radiation 1point
Germs viable cell count, colon bacillus group, fecal coli-form group 1item
Vibrio parahaemolycius, Salmonella spp., Listeria spp., Staphylococcus aureus 1item
Antibiotics oxytetracycline (qualitative, quantitative), iodic acid(qualitative, quantitative) 1item
Toxin puffer fish toxin, shellfish toxin 1item
Virus norovirus 1point
Fish diseases for transplant fishery Bacterial diseases, fungal diseases 1item
parasitic diseases 1item
viral diseases 1item
Others (issue) copy of certificate 1copy

Civil Affair Procedure

Applicant→Submission of fishery products certification application→The NFQS, its regional offices(Documents check)→The NFQS, its regional offices(Sample test, measurement and analysis, fill out certificate)→Issuance of fishery products certification application→Applicant